Monday, February 7, 2011


Winter weather usually makes my sensitive skin, dry, flaky, red, and so very sad! This winter though I was lucky enough to find a couple of miracle products that have saved my skin!
In one week this took my face (mainly my cheeks) from yuck to smooth and glowing (not kidding!)I wanted something relatively inexpensive, super moisturizing, and all natural. While I didn't intending to purchase a wrinkle cream I'm so very glad I gave it a try.
I'm looking forward to trying more Derma e products!

For my hands and body I have been using another wonderful natural product
Lush's Dream Cream !
(that I purchased form a gift certificate I won from the lovely Ms. Diana @!!!!!)
No more alligator skin here!

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  1. love lush! whenever i walk into the store, all i can smell is heaven!

    xx raez